Visit Hydro-Technics For Growth Boosters For High Yields With Great Taste

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Are you looking for growth boosters for you farm or garden? You need not look further than Hydro-technics. We offer a wide range of growth boosters including nutrients that will ensure your garden grows well. Our plant growth boosters are well manufactured using the top quality ingredients and the best techniques. We are known for producing unmatched products that have earned us both local and international clients who continue to order from us and you can too for guaranteed excellent growth. Since every plant grown need nutrient and boosters at some point to mature healthy, we offer our clients a wide range of advanced nutrient boosters that will provide your plants essential nutrients. Whether you are growing hydroponically, in coco or organically, we have just what you need depending on how much experienced you are on plant growth and the amount control you want to have over your plants.

Some of our growth boosters include Canna Boost Accelerator which is deliberately intended to encourage early growth of flowers in plants to enable the plants produce bigger and juicer fruits and also flowers. This growth booster will increase the rate of photosynthesis in your plants giving them the feeling of exposure to extra light and enabling them to give very high yields with great taste and good quality.

We also have Vita Link Max Hydroponic Nutrient growth boosters which are very good for hydroponic use and it has three huge advantages over so many of its competitors in the market. These advantages include its ability to supply phosphorous which is an important element in flowering plants to boost up the size of flowers and increases yields. It also has a remarkable cleansing ability meaning that your drip lines pumps will last longer before you clean your tanks. It also has the ability to suppress fungal growth diseases which are often a problem.

Another growth booster is Hygrozyme which is an enzyme based product that enables old roots to break down and stimulate growth of new roots. Some of its advantages include its bacteria free nature, limitless shelf life and is the only enzyme centered product that can be used together with Oxy-Plus. We also have Bluelab Guardian pH, cF and Temperature Monitor that will help you monitor both the Ph level, temperature and the conductivity (cF) of your plants at the same time to ensure that plant growth is at maximum. Check out our website for a complete list of all our growth boosters and give us a call for more information, questions or to order from us. We are always happy to give you only the best.

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